Saturday, September 16, 2006

How and When McCain and Graham Got Warner

NYT: How 3 GOP veterans stalled Bush's detainee bill

A front page story in Sunday's edition of the New York Times explores how three GOP veterans stalled President Bush's detainee bill.

"Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham cornered their partner, Senator John W. Warner, on the Senate floor late Wednesday afternoon," begins an article credited to Carl Hulse, Kate Zernike and Sheryl Gay Stolberg.

"Mr. Warner, the courtly Virginian who is chairman of the Armed Services Committee, had been trying for weeks to quietly work out the three Republicans’ differences with the Bush administration’s proposal to bring terrorism suspects to trial," the article continues. "But Senators McCain, of Arizona, and Graham, of South Carolina, who are on the committee with Mr. Warner, convinced him that the time for negotiation was over."