Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Will the True Haters Please Stand Up?

USA Today is offering right-wing commentary on the Democratic Convention and left-wing commentary on the Republican Convention. The first installment is Democratic unity: Bush-hating, which asserts that the Democrats all hate Bush, and makes no substantive comments.

Hate Bush? I'm as liberal as a Democrat can get, and even I don't hate Bush. (A few weeks ago I suggested that he would make a good second-grade teacher--nothing higher that would include history or geography, of course.) Consider how he is caricaturized by cartoonists: a small guy (it's hard to realize that he's six feet tall) with big ears and no room for much between them, clueless but cute.

Besides, hating just isn't a Democratic thing. Liberals are interested in love, peace, tolerance and saving the planet. You want hate? I can't think of a more hating person than Ann Coulter, who was originally given Goldberg's spot. Apparently her venom was too much for the editors (Coulter column canceled after editing dispute), who must have decided that projecting hatred was preferable to a direct display.

Can you imagine, if you dare, being her prisoner?