Sunday, July 25, 2004

Bush/Cheney Lay Claim to the Roman Coliseum

My husband thinks that Bush ought to be reelected. Not because he agrees with his policies, but because he believes it's what the American people deserve. And I follow his reasoning to some extent. If weakening the new (but not so new) American empire is a good thing, four more years of Bush would certainly further that goal. (How many American voters know that Asian governments are snapping up US bonds? Just As Scary As Terror - Anyone Seen Our Economic Policy?)

The real question, for me, is how much lasting harm the planet and its people would suffer. Bipartisan resistance to Bush's attempts to accelerate the pillaging of the environment will probably prevent significant change in the amount of damage being done. And it's probably too late to reverse the melting of the polar icecaps, no matter who is running the show. Judicial appointments are a bothersome question--the democratic freedoms that still survive in this country must be protected--but the behavior of judges, and supreme court justices, can be hard to predict, as the Bushes have already learned to their chagrin.

So, although I'll vote for Kerry, I won't be terribly upset if Bush wins. People should have the opportunity to reap what they sow. And, like my husband says, Kerry is too decent a person to deserve this mess. The Rabid Right would destroy him.